“We conduct tailor-made courses for a wide variety of clients, from oil and gas to construction, civil services and career development.”

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ATDC SDN BH offers several training courses for safety, technical and management training.

ATDC Sdn Bhd is a truly start-up and home-grown Bruneian company that started from the basics of a small business enterprise.

It was established on July, 1991 primarily to train personnel of the Adinin Group of Companies, a conglomerate of 15 companies in safety, technical and management training. Later, its market expanded to meet the training needs of the oil and gas and construction companies, e.g., Brunei Shell companies, contractors, Brunei Methanol Company, government departments, etc. Today, its training courses have gone beyond Brunei Darussalam. It is training in Sarawak, Sabah, Philippines, Australia, and Singapore.


To be a recognized leader in training and consultancy initiatives and services in Brunei Darussalam and beyond.

To serve the training and consultancy needs of companies and their personnel as well as meet the growing aspirations of Brunei Darussalam as a developing nation.

To fulfil the business and personnel objectives of ATDC, deliver cost-effective strategies insuring optimum returns on investment from the shareholders and career development of its staff.


To continue developing ATDC’s current markets and seek to identify new clients;

To further develop innovative training programmes and consultancy services to satisfy the increasingly changing needs of companies and personnel;


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