‘Why training needs more than instructing and coaching needs more than listening, whereby both underlie teaching?’

coachingTeaching is basically a way of transferring knowledge to the learners in every situation where new information is perceived. However, how are we making sure that the wave of information reaches the deepest seat of understanding of the learner? The answer lies on how you execute your goal.

Training in its simplest form means ‘telling’, ‘instructing what’ and ‘showing how’. It’s a matter of sharing your experiences to the level of your students. It is one way of introducing a new career pathway to an individual which is designed to prepare all trainees with the same skill to a level of performance against an external standard.

trainingOn the other hand, coaching is more on exploring why and asking why to elicit learner’s response. It is a listening skill! Coaching primarily helps people to focus and accelerate results. It could unleash potential, creativity and innovation.

So without a doubt, blended training and coaching will surely result in a judicious mix of process and content. One big word describes this approach: MENTORING!

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